Other exchanges or trading platforms where Scancell Holdings plc securities are admitted or traded:

Scancell Holdings securities are listed on AIM, and the latest share price is shown here

The number of securities in issue:

The company has an issued share capital of 928,979,977 ordinary shares of 0.1p each, all of which are called up and fully paid.

Directors’ Share Options:

The Company has granted the following options to current Directors of the Company. 

Option holder          Option price per ordinary share Number of ordinary shares under option Last day of exercise period
Lindy Durrant 10.5p 9,000,000 30 January 2028
Lindy Durrant 8.15p 1,000,000 30 April 2030
Lindy Durrant 4.5p 3,850,000 30 July 2026
Lindy Durrant 21.36p 9,000,000 19 August 2031
Sath Nirmalananthan 10.1p 1,000,000 19 May 2034
Jean-Michel Cosséry 17.5p 3,000,000 20 April 2033
Susan Clement Davies 17.5p 1,000,000 20 April 2033


In addition to the above, the Company has granted options over 30,384,544 shares of the Company to various other persons at exercise prices between 4.5p and 33.2p.

Percentage of AIM securities not in public hands:

As at 15 January 2024 the percentage of AIM securities not in public hands was: 42.96%

Restrictions on the transfer of securities:

There are no restrictions on the transfer of shares.

Identity and percentage holdings of significant shareholders:

As at 15 January 2024 the identity and percentage holdings of significant shareholders were: 

  Ordinary shares at 0.1p each
  Number Percentage
Redmile Group LLC 268,616,936 28.95%
Vulpes Life Science Fund 119,910,847 12.92%
Calculus Capital 34,039,009 3.67%
Scancell Holdings plc directors and related holdings 10,152,313 1.09%