Harnessing Immunology to Fight Disease

Harnessing Immunology to Fight Disease

Scancell is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that is leveraging its proprietary research, built up over many years of studying the human adaptive immune system, to generate truly novel medicines to treat significant unmet needs in cancer and infectious disease. Adaptive immune responses include antibodies and T cells (CD4 and CD8), both of which can recognise damaged or infected cells. In order to destroy such cancerous or infected cells, Scancell uses either vaccines to induce immune responses or monoclonal antibodies to redirect immune cells or drugs.

The company’s innovative products target post-translational modifications of proteins and lipids. For the vaccines this includes citrullination and homocitrullination of proteins, whereas the monoclonal antibodies target the glycans or sugars on proteins and/or lipids.


A driver in the vaccine portfolio is Moditope®, a completely novel class of cancer vaccines that induce potent CD4 cytotoxic T cells that seek out and destroy cancer cells by targeting citrullinated or homocitrullinated proteins.


ImmunoBody® vaccines are designed to induce potent cytotoxic CD8 T cell responses against multiple epitopes via a dual mechanism of action. These DNA vaccines are being used both for the treatment of cancer as well as the development of a next-generation, potentially pan-coronavirus, vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.










The GlyMab® platform is being used to discover and develop a portfolio of innovative anti-cancer monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) that target sugar motifs (glycans) present on lipids and/or proteins. These GlyMab® mAbs have ultra-high specificity and are expected to have utility in a wide range of cancers.


The AvidiMab® platform is a highly versatile approach that has been designed to enhance the potency and efficacy of any clinical antibody or antibody-based product (including those based on the ImmunoBody® platform).




It is with great sadness that Scancell announces the death of former Chairman John Chiplin

John died on Tuesday after a valiant fight with Motor Neurone Disease. He faced this final challenge with great courage and his usual good humour, and his last years were spent with his family - which brought him great joy. Scancell is forever indebted to John for his chairmanship, which allowed the company to develop and clinically test both the SCIB1 and the Modi-1 vaccines. He was very excited to learn of the promising results of SCIB1 in combination with checkpoint inhibitors in the SCOPE study and remained committed to the development of Scancell products to the end.

Professor Durrant said in tribute: “John was an astute businessman, an excellent chairman and a good friend - he will be sorely missed”.

Scancell founder says the company is ready to commercialise novel medicines to counteract cancer

Scancell's Chief Executive Officer, Lindy Durrant, recently sat down with Sarah Lowther from focusIR. During the interview Lindy highlights Scancell’s innovative cancer vaccines, SCIB1 and Modi-1, providing a recap of the impressive clinical data seen thus far. She also discusses the Company’s strategy to do deals with major pharmaceutical companies and explores how revenues from Scancell’s pre-clinical antibody platform help mitigate risk by providing non-dilutive cash to drive the Company's other assets forward in development.

Watch the Interview with Professor Lindy Durrant and focusIR