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Share Information

Other exchanges or trading platforms where Scancell Holdings plc securities are admitted or traded:

Scancell Holdings securities are listed on AIM

The number of securities in issue:

The company has an issued share capital of 312,058,098 ordinary shares of 0.1p each, all of which are called up and fully paid.

Pursuant to the License and Supply Agreement (‘the Agreement’) dated 13 July 2009, the Company has granted options over 6,369,250 ordinary shares to ICHOR at 4.5p per share.

Directors’ Share Options:

The Company has granted the following options to Directors of the Company. 

Option holder

Option price per ordinary share

Number of ordinary shares under option

Last day of exercise period

John Chiplin



18th April 2026

 Lindy Durrant



14th July 2020

Lindy Durrant



31st December 2023

Richard  Goodfellow



14th July 2020

Richard  Goodfellow



31st December 2023

Sally Adams



18th June 2024


In addition to the above, the Company has granted options over 3,662,960 shares of the Company to various other persons at exercise prices between 2.5p and 33.2p.

Percentage of AIM securities not in public hands:

As at 6th October 2017 the percentage of AIM securities not in public hands was: 22.15%

Restrictions on the transfer of securities:

There are no restrictions on the transfer of shares.

Identity and percentage holdings of significant shareholders:

As at 6th October 2017 the identity and percentage holdings of significant shareholders were: 


Ordinary shares at 0.1p each




 Ferlim Nominees Limited   



 Share Nominees Limited



Hargreaves Lansdown Nominees Limited



Barclay Direct Investing Nominees Limited



Scancell Holdings plc directors and related holdings



Nortrust Nominees Limited



The Bank of New York Nominees



Rock Nominees Limited



Scientific Papers

International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference 2017

CRI Moditope Poster 1

V. Brentville, K. Cook, P. Symonds, G.G. Zom, W. Xue, R. Metheringham, W-J. Krebber, C.J.M. Melief and L.G. Durrant


CRI Moditope Poster 2

L. G. Durrant, R. Metheringham, I. Daniels, K. Cook, P. Symonds, T. Pitt, W. Xue, M. Gijon and V. Brentville



PIVAC-15 Programme


Wei Xue, Rachael Metheringham, Victoria Brentville, Katherine Cook, Peter Symonds, Ian Daniel and Lindy Durrant

PIVAC SCIB1 resected disease

L.G. Durrant, C.Ottensmeier, C. Mulatero, P.Lorigan, R.Plummer, R.Metheringham, V.Brentville, L.Machado, I.Daniels, D.Hannaman & P.M.Patel

PIVAC SCIB1 plus checkpoint inhibition 

Wei Xue, Victoria Brentville, Rachael Metheringham, Katherine Cook, Peter, Symonds, Ian Daniel, and Lindy Durrant

PIVAC Moditope poster 2

V.Brentville, W.Xue, P.Symonds, K.Cook, B.Gunn, R.Metheringham and L.G. Durrant

PIVAC Moditope poster 1

Katherine Cook, Ian Daniels, Victoria Brentville, Rachael Metheringham, Wei Xue, Peter Symonds, Tracy Pitt, Mohamed Gijon and Lindy Durrant

Citrullinated Vimentin Presented on MHC-II in Tumor Cells Is a Target for CD4 T-Cell–Mediated Antitumor Immunity

Victoria A. Brentville, Rachael L. Metheringham, Barbara Gunn, Peter Symonds, Ian Daniels, Mohamed Gijon, Katherine Cook, Wei Xue, and Lindy G. Durrant

ASCO Poster June 2015

P.M Patel, C Ottensmeier, C Mulatero, P Lorigan, R Plummer, M Cunnell, R Metheringham, V Brentville, L Machado, I Daniels, D Hannaman, L.G Durrant

AACR Moditope® poster April 2015 

Victoria A Brentville, Rachael L Metheringham, Barbara Gunn, Peter Symonds, Ian Daniels, Mohamed Gijon, Wei Xue, Lindy G Durrant

High Avidity Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes Can Be Selected into the Memory Pool but They Are Exquisitely Sensitive to Functional Impairment
Victoria A. Brentville, Rachael L. Metheringham, Barbara Gun and Lindy G. Durrant

Using monoclonal antibodies to stimulate antitumour cellular immunity
Lindy Durrant, Victoria Pudney and Ian Spendlove

ASCO poster June 2014
P.M Patel, L.G Durrant, C. Ottensmeier, C. Mulatero, P. Lorigan, R. Plummer, M. Cunnell, R. Metheringham, V. Brentville, L. Machado, I. Daniels and D. Hannaman

Vaccines as early therapeutic interventions for cancer therapy: neutralising the immunosuppressive tumour environment and increasing T cell avidity may lead to improved responses
Lindy Durrant, Victoria Pudney, Ian Spendlove and Rachel Metheringham

DNA vaccination with T-cell epitopes encoded within Ab molecules induces high-avidity anti-tumor CD8 T cells
Victoria A. Pudney, Rachael L. Metheringham, Barbara Gunn, Ian Spendlove, Judith M. Ramage and Lindy G. Durrant

Antibodies designed as effective cancer vaccines
R.L. Metheringham, V.A. Pudney, B. Gunn, M. Towey, I. Spendlove and L.G. Durrant

Webcasts, Interviews and Media Coverage

Scancell recruits deal maker to take over as CEO

Executive chairman John Chiplin said new CEO Dr Cliff Holloway's extensive experience and accomplishments speak volumes

Tue, 10 Oct 2017 08:24:00

Scancell on the lookout for partners after year of “significant progress”

“We are continuing to explore a number of funding options to ensure that we have the resources to progress these programmes through their next phase”

Wed, 13 Sep 2017 06:21:00

Scancell presents Moditope data at prestigious cancer conference

Chief scientific officer Lindy Durrant presented two posters at the International Cancer Immunotherapy conference in Germany on Friday

Mon, 11 Sep 2017 09:25:00